The Truth

  • The Truth Can Finally Be Told

    This mystery tunnels far deeper than that which is laid out on the surface. Unlike many people who live their lives barely leaving a footprint on the topsoil, this child dug deep into our core, transforming beaten down hearts into the color of love.

    This is not just the story of a woman who struggled to overcome extreme poverty and enormous social prejudice, but the story of perseverance.

    In 1951, Fauna Hodel, the Caucasian offspring of a prominently social California family, was given away at birth to a young Black woman who worked as a restroom attendant in a Nevada casino. The purpose was to insure that a Black family raise the baby. In her 16 year old mother’s eyes, Blacks were the far more loving than most everyone she encountered in the white community. To insure that the child would never return to her emotionally reclusive white family, she made sure her new baby’s birth certificate listed the father as “Negro”.

    The child, of course, grew up believing that she was of mixed race. She struggled before, during and after civil rights were enacted. Enduring prejudice from both races, she sought out the only person who truly knew where she belonged – her real mother.

    But after discovering her true identity, she uncovered a family secret even more bizarre than her own – the mysterious world of incest, murder, and powerful forces that have kept this story from being told for more than 20 years.

    To understand how difficult living in a world where you clearly don’t belong, yet trying to blend in to survive, one needs more than to be able to walk in those footsteps. It takes hope, perseverance, and character, to overcome these enormous obstacles.

    This book examines that life and reveals both the good and the not so good – something that is in us all.